Powder flow testers can be difficult to use in quality control or plant settings. The reason is that many testers are difficult to load, time consuming to use, not very precise, and expensive. Not the EVOLUTION Powder Tester. The EPT was designed from the start to be fast, easy to use, precise and inexpensive. In addition, due to its simple design, the EPT requires no routine maintenance. In short, the perfect quality control instrument for measuring flow behavior.

For QC measurements, the EVOLUTION Powder Tester can measure the unconfined yield strength of a sample at one pressure in 3 minutes. Loading the sample into the analysis cell is easy as it is a simple cup. A filling tool is used to overfill the cup and then scrape the top to get the correct amount of sample in the cup. The sample cup it then put on the EPT with the compression top to compress the sample. After compression, the compression top is replaced by the break cap and the unconfined yield strength is measured.

Measuring the unconfined yield strength of a material can provide information as to whether a material is on specification and will handle as expected. Because the test is fast, all shipments or production lots of material can be tested before they are transferred to processes and can create problems.