Independent Papers using our instruments

Below is a sampling of some of the independent research papers in which our instruments our used and discussed.

Flowability characterization of drug-excipient blends using a novel powder avalanching method, Venkateshwar Rao Nalluri, Martin Kuentz

European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, Volume 74, Issue 2,February 2010, Pages 388-396


Dynamic avalanching accurately assesses flowability and quality, Riccardo Bonfichi, Andrea Rainaldi, Giulia Cloralio

Pharmaceutical Technology Europe, July 1,2009


Characterization of powder flow: Static and dynamic testing, Matthew Krantz, Hui Zhang,and Jesse Zhu

Powder Technology, Volume 194 Issue 3, 15 September 2009

On-line detection of bed fluidity in gas–solid fluidized beds with liquid injection by passive acoustic and vibrometric methods,  Garret Book, Katherine Albion, Lauren Briens, Cedric Briens and Franco Berruti

Powder Technology,2010



Advancing Pharmaceutical Dry Milling by Process Analytics and Robustness Testing,Venkateshwar Rao Nalluri and Martin Kuentz

Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation, Volume 5, Number 3,100-108


Transport characteristics of dehydrogenated ammonia borane and sodium borohydride spent fuels Sumit Basu, Moiz Diwan, Mohamad G. Abiad,Yuan Zheng, Osvoldo H. Campanella and Arvind Varma

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 35 Issue 5, March 2010, Pages 2063-2072


Audible acoustics in high-shear wet granulation: Application of frequency filtering, Erin M. Hansuld, Lauren Briens, Joe A.B. McCann, and Aymin Sayami

International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Volume 378, Issues 1-2,13 August 2009


Onset of an innovative gasless fluidized bed - comparitive study on the fluidization of fine powders in a rotating drum and a traditional fluidized bed, Qing Haung, Hui Zhang, Jesse Zhu

Chemical Engineering Science 65 (2010) 1261-1273


Investigation of the recyclability of powder coatings, Jing Fu, Mathiew Krantz,Hui Zhang, Jesse Zhu, Harry KuoYar Ming Wang, Karen Lis

Powder Technology 211 (2011) 38-45>



Effects of mild processing pressures on the performance of dry powder inhaler formulations for inhalation therapy (1): Budesonide and lactose ,Steve R. Marek, Martin J. Donovan, Hugh D.C. Smyth

European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 78 (2011) 97–106



Investigation of the effect of impeller speed on granules formed using a PMA-1 high shear granulator, R. Logan and L. Briens

Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 2012, 1–11


Advances in SLS Powder Characterisation, A. Amando, M. Schmid, G. Levy, K Wegener

International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, Austin, TX


The Effect of the Chopper on Granules from Wet High-Shear Granulation Using a PMA-1 Granulator, Lauren Briens and Ryan Logan

AAPS PharmSciTech Vol 12, No. 4, December 2011