Measuring the Flow Properties and Flowability of Powders and Granular Materials

Mercury Scientific Inc. designs and manufactures instruments to measure the flow properties of powders and granular materials. Our instruments measure the way powder particles interact with each other and with process equipment under various conditions. This information allows scientists and engineers to predict how their materials will behave in their processes.

By measuring a powder's flow properties, its behavior in any process or container can be compared, predicted and controlled.Flowability problems can be solved.

Predict flow out of hoppers, bins and storage containers

Prevent caking,bridging & non-uniform flow

Prevent Charging of Powders for predictable and stable flow

Compare ingredients for the choice of suppliers and quality components

Improve Product Formulation for quality and consistency

Reduce costs & increase speed of processing, blending& tableting.

Most researchers measure the particle size, density, moisture content and chemical composition of their powders and bulk materials. However, these measurements provide little information as to how the particles in the powder interact with each other and how these interactions change with environmental conditions.

Our instruments measure the interactions between the particles in a powder or bulk materials under a wide range of conditions to determine how the powder will behave under process conditions and when it is used. These changing conditions include pressure, temperature, humidity, and energy level applied to the powder. In addition, the effect of these conditions over time can be studied to determine powder stability.